Directions to Alternate Entrance

The sewer project continues on Kirtland street in front of our main entrance.  Although work trucks have been allowing individual vehicles to pass, there is often a delay or some vehicles are told to turn around and go the other way.  The “other way” is a graded dirt road that serves as the back entrance to the Mt. St. John property.  Here’s how to get there.

From the center of Deep River, head north on 154;  pass The Ivory Restaurant & Kirtland Street;   take the next right onto Winter Avenue and follow it to the end.  (Be cautious of sharp turns and narrow road conditions.)  Go past the the Water Treatment plant and take the dirt road straight ahead.  When you reach pavement again take a left then a sharp right to get to the parking area by the main entrance of the building (to the right of the castle entrance.)


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