2016-2017 Board Members, Officers and Affiliations


Bishop Michael R. Cote, D.D. – Board President
Bishop of the Diocese of Norwich

Monsignor Leszek T. Janik – 1st Vice President
Vicar General, Diocese of Norwich

Monsignor Robert L. Brown – 2nd Vice President
Chancellor, Diocese of Norwich

Ms. Kathy White- Secretary/Treasurer
Chief Administrator & Educational Director, Mount Saint John, Inc.

Board Members

Ms. Angela Vetelino Arnold

William Connon – Attorney, Pullman & Comley, LLC

Dr. Judith Golden – Retired Educator

Mr. Carl Griffin – Retired Business Manager

Ms. Karen Huffler – Diocesan Financial Director, Diocese of Norwich

Dr. David Larson – Retired Educator

Ms. Mary Rainer-Skala, LCSW – V.P. SSS BART Group

Mr. William Russell – Diocesan Financial Officer, Diocese of Norwich

Mr. Guy Russo – Municipal Executive, Middletown Water & Sewer

Dr. John W. Sullivan – Retired Educator

Mr. John William Tuohy – Writer/Publisher

Mr. Paul M. Truglio – Bank Executive, Citizens Bank