The Academy at Mount Saint John – Current Program

The Academy at Mount Saint John (AMSJ) is comprehensive Clinical Day School providing youth-centered and family-focused services to adolescent boys and young men who are not able to function in their current school environment due to a combination of behavioral, emotional, family, and educational challenges.

The staff and Board of AMSJ are committed to meeting the evolving and changing needs of each boy and family who comes into its care. MSJ’s core treatment programs and services include:

Education: The school programs are individually designed for ages 11 through 21, and recognized by the CT State Department of Education as an Approved Private Special Education Facility. Youth who have earned high school graduation are scheduled with college coursework and/or post secondary employment. Small classes offer students with Special Education curriculum. All students receive instruction in academic, vocational, life skills, physical education and social skills areas. Students may also earn school credits through on-line Virtual Learning courses.

Vocational: The vocational programs provide a key ingredient to give youth job and employability skills. All of our students participate in the programs that include; Commercial Art, Building Trades, Computer Graphics, Culinary, Horticulture, Small Engines and Woodshop. Classes are modeled as “cottage industries” and the expectation is that students learn skills in areas of interest while earning vocational credits and “vocational dollars”. The students are also given opportunities to apply for work at jobs in nearby communities or volunteer at local non-profit organizations. Youth in the Building Trades and Culinary programs can earn HBI (Home Builders Institute) PACT (Pre-Apprentice Certification Training) certification or Serve Safe certification.

Clinical: The Academy at Mount Saint John utilizes a strength-based, trauma informed, and culturally sensitive, multidisciplinary team approach to care. The program emphasizes strong family engagement both on campus and at in-home sessions. Treatment services include: evidence-based individual, family and group therapy; psychiatric consultation, evaluation and medication management; comprehensive biosocial assessments and trauma screening.

All of the staff at AMSJ work together with our young men and their community supporters to help create the best individual plan possible. The goal is to return the youth to their school district, successfully, by giving them the skills necessary to not only be a confident student, but valued member to society.

By carefully and seamlessly integrating the programs and services at The Academy at Mount Saint John we are able to provide a highly individualized, goal-directed treatment plan for each youth and his family.

Recent Accomplishments:

Within the last year The Academy at Mount Saint John has:

  • Received 5 year approval from the State Department of Education as an approved private special education program.
  • Renewed its partnership with The National Homebuilders Institute including the Project Craft Curriculum into its Vocational program