The Academy at Mount Saint John is a Clinical Day School approved by the Connecticut State Department of Education as a Private Special Education Program. The school is situated on 80+ acres of a picturesque college-like campus overlooking the Connecticut River. We utilize a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to care, including the coordination of cognitive, emotional, physical, social, vocational, and spiritual development.

The Academy serves adolescent boys and young men ages 11-21 of all faiths, races, and ethnic backgrounds referred privately or by their local school districts due to behavioral, emotional, and educational challenges requiring specialized education and behavioral health support. Our school offers classes on the middle school and high school level.

Reasons for Referral

  • Non Traditional Learners
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • ADHD
  • Behavioral, Emotional and Learning
  • Challenges
  • History of Trauma
  • School Refusal/Truancy
  • Risk of Drop Out

The Academy at Mount Saint John offers:

  • Individualized educational program with high academic rigor
  • Small class instruction
  • Flexible scheduling; partial day, full and extended day and year
  • Credit recovery; individual tutoring
  • Competency based curriculum and assessment aligned with the common core
  • Diagnostic Placements
  • Alternative placements for expelled youth
  • Certified teacher and behavior support counselor in every classroom/vocational area
  • Academic, life skills, and vocational assessments
  • Vocational training with paid stipends and job placement
  • Report card and IEP updates quarterly diagnostic placements
  • Monitored school attendance
  • Report card and IEP updates quarterly diagnostic placements

After-School Program

The Academy at Mount Saint John School provides an after-school program. Classes are offered as “cottage industries” and the expectation is that students learn skills in areas of interest while earning vocational credits and stipends. Students spend time working with professionals, learning the trades, completing certifications, and earning a paycheck.

Vocational Programming

All of the vocational programs manufacture products for sale. Life skills are also obtained through work apprenticeships. Additional credits and skills are offered through the after school program or extended school year.

Although the after school program offerings vary slightly from quarter to quarter, the options are generally as follows:

Building Trades/PACT

Certification through Home Builders In:
· Electrical
· Plumbing
· Carpentry
· Manufacturing
· Horticulture

Music Production
· Learn to play musical instruments
· Create beats
· Create musical recordings
· Learn to read music
· Learn music theory

· Safe Serve Certification
· State of the art teaching kitchen
· Nutrition, meal planning, grocery shopping, serving & catering skills

Computer Graphics
· Create posters, magnets and photography projects

Extended School Year

The Academy at Mount Saint John School provides extended school year programs for students needing supervision and instruction during the summer time and credit recovery in areas of need or interest. Extended school year/summer school courses include a variety of work apprenticeships (vocational credits), remedial skill instruction and enrichment activities. Students needing to acquire high school graduation credits in required classes can obtain them through Virtual Learning Academy ( options.

Incentive Programs

Our students participate in positive reinforcement through earning various rewards for good behavior, academic success, and creating a positive school environment.

  • Monthly school trips to local businesses and activity centers
  • School store
  • Student Activity Room


School Hours: Monday – Thursday 8:00 – 4:15 (vocational programming 2:15 – 4:15
Friday 8:00 – 1:00 (no vocational)